4.43 mi

Elevation gain

1,411 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,411 ft

Max elevation

1,864 ft



Min elevation

1,198 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Whetstone Gulf State Park - North Trail
  • Video of Whetstone Gulf State Park - North Trail


2 hours 28 minutes




March 14, 2012


March 2012

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1,864 ft
1,198 ft
4.43 mi

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near Hoseville, New York (United States)

Fore-mention: Sorry for the lapse in trail data while hiking up. The reception is sketchy at best...

Whetstone Gulf State Park is one of the areas best and versatile in a wide range experiences. You can hike, bike, CC ski, snow shoe, camp, kayak, ATV, Snowmobile and more.

The North/South Trail Loop is about a 5 mile loop over uneven terrain. I was there for the one purpose to capture the gulf's tallest waterfall, while there was still water running over it.

I have been here in August and you can walk the entire gulf bottom to the base of the tallest waterfall on the main stream. The gulf squeezes down to the point where you can almost touch both sides with your arms stretched out.

There are many vantage points of seeing across and into the gulf bottom. This is an amazing hike that many could travel during great conditions, but can become a very difficult trail very fast during the wrong conditions.

Trail signs state it is for expert CC skiers only.

Brought to you by:
Dig The Falls and Edward Smathers Photography


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