10.42 mi

Elevation gain

135 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

135 ft

Max elevation

159 ft



Min elevation

49 ft

Trail type





July 29, 2021


July 2021

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159 ft
49 ft
10.42 mi

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near Scole, England (United Kingdom)

This walk can be split into legs of 3.6 miles plus 7.3 or complete all 11 miles in one go.
There is plenty of parking in Bridge Street, Scole and at Wortham Ling. Fair Green and Diss may be busier.
Near Palgrave the route is along somewhat busy roads with no pavements for walkers.

From Bridge St. Scole, head SW and cross the Waveney. Cross the A143. Make a right left kink and head south.
At the B1118 turn right, west, and follow the road.
Cross the A140. Take extreme care.
Head roughly west along Old Bury Road.
Cross the B1077 and head west along Old Bury Road.
Soon, there is a woodland path south of this road, avoiding some tarmac.
Merge with Old Bury Road for quite a distance although this road is not busy.
Before the end of Old Bury Road opposite a field entrance, there is be a path to the right, NW.
This cuts off a corner but may be overgrown. Cross the A143 and head NW towards the railway crossing.
Alternatively, at the end of Old Bury Road, turn right, north, and cross the A143.
Make a right, left kink and head north along Crossing Road.
This is significantly busy but there are no good alternatives.
In Palgrave, cross Rose Lane and head north up the traffic free Low's Lane.
Bear left into Denmark Hill, significantly busy again. Follow this road to Fair Green.
At the bridge over the Waveney, don't cross. Look for the riverside path.
(For the shorter 7.3 mile walk, you should cross and head north to the car park to re-join the main walk.)
There is a riverside path, west, just south of the Waveney. Use this if it's pasable. Otherwise use Ling Road.
The river path eventually bends south, and re-joins Ling Road. Head west for 200 metres.
After a house, turn left, south, under power lines for 30 metres, then right, west, power lines right.
Follow this path to Wortham Ling. Head NW across the common. There are multiple paths. Aim the the car park at the junction of The Doit and Ling Road.
(This is a good starting point for the 3.6 mile short walk.)
Head NE parallel with The Doit and join the road before the belt of trees. Head NE along The Doit and cross the Waveney. You are near enough to Bressingham Steam to hear the whistles. Head a similar distance after the stream and turn right through a metal gate into a pasture. Head SE, fence left, across the pasture through several gates. The path meanders east through damp woodland. Join Roydon Fen and head past houses. At Tottington Lane, continue east to Fair Green. Cross the green to the car park avoiding the road if you prefer.
At the car park, turn left, north.
(Or right, south, for the 3.6 mile walk. Join the main route after crossing the bridge over the Waveney.)
Turn right, east, along Park Road into central Diss. After 200 metres, head NE diagonally across the park.
Skirt the mere. Head east across Mere Street and bend left, north, along Chapel Street.
At Church Street, turn right, east. Continue along the same road, now Frenze Road, to the railway bridge.
Go under the railway, then turn left, NE, and head along the footpath for 600 metres.
Turn right, south. You could paddle through the ford but there's a foot bridge a little further east.
Cross the bridge and head south through the wood and then along the concrete farm track.
At the Diss Business Centre, turn left, east, and 100 metres later, right, SE. Follow this path to the A140.
At the A140, turn right, SW, and walk parallel with the main road along the footpath.
At the roundabout, cross the A140. Take extreme care.
Head, east into Scole along Diss Road.
Close to the Scole Inn (refreshments) turn right, SW, and head back to the car park.

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Scole Inn


Crossways, Scole

Car park

TM 14785 78660, Scole Pocket Park

  • Photo of TM 14785 78660, Scole Pocket Park
  • Photo of TM 14785 78660, Scole Pocket Park
  • Photo of TM 14785 78660, Scole Pocket Park
  • Photo of TM 14785 78660, Scole Pocket Park
  • Photo of TM 14785 78660, Scole Pocket Park
TM 148 786, Scole Pocket Park
Car park

TM 14672 78493, Scole

Car park

TM 097 793, Wortham Ling

Car park

TM 08872 79793, Wortham Ling

Car park

TM 11180 79528, Fair Green, Diss

Car park

TM 11462 79685, Diss Pay&Display

TM 11462 79685, Diss Pay&Display


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