Time  6 hours 8 minutes

Coordinates 511

Uploaded February 26, 2018

Recorded February 2018

1,925 f
203 f
11.43 mi

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near Arad, Southern District (Israel)

Who would have thought that just outside of Arad there is such beauty? However, it's true - start at Moab lookout located next to the abandoned Metzada hotel and follow the green trail down to the desert. From there you are free to roam together with sheep from the nearby Bedouin village. Note that there are no marked trails in this area (the few markings that you might see are outdated and mostly confusing), thus I marked this trail as "difficult" - you will need a GPS (or excellent navigation skills) to find your way around. This hike is best done during winter month as you will see the desert blooming and won't suffer from scorching heat (seriously, it is highly not advisable to hike there in summer). Start early (preferable just after sunrise) to enjoy the beautiful golden hour.


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