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near Oneroa, Auckland (New Zealand)

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Auckland Bay is full of boats that take you to different islands. Our previous information suggested that the most interesting would be Rangitoto, but the information we collected locally suggested that Waiheke was a more advisable destination: the island is larger, is inhabited by a relatively large population and has excellent hotel facilities, including surprising wineries, whose visit we advise. On the way the ferry passes through Devonport and Rangitoto, allowing a reasonable idea of ​​how other islands of the bay are. Wahiheke is the second largest island in the Gulf of Auckland
The history of Waiheke is curious: until about 35-40 years ago, this island was a place where social outlaws lived: hippies and hermits, healers, marginalized writers, potters and marijuana growers. In the 1980s there was a big change: either the outlaws made a lot of progress and rode it very well, or the money decided it was a good place; today, wineries, luxury holiday resorts and an excellent restoration are an excellent companion of the good weather, excellent beaches, beautiful views, exuberant vegetation and spiritual calm. While we were drinking a bottle of wine in the gardens of a winery, we thought that this was Ibiza, without the noise, confusion and undesirables that have settled in it. Waiheke also produces olive oil.
There are several trails, with which it is possible to explore the coast or enjoy the views of the neighboring islands and Coromandel, and it is possible to rent bicycles and cars, and you can also use the bus to get around (the island has an area of ​​93 square km, so if you want to move around establish limited access objectives).


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    manuelruizapatero May 17, 2018

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    Una maravilla, la bodega de Cable Bay estupenda.

  • César Argilés Jan 3, 2019

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    espectaculares vistas sobre la bahía, muy fácil de realizar, recomendamos paradas para disfrutar

  • luis.perecruz Mar 17, 2019

    Senderismo no se bien, calidad de vida se aprecia mucha

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