830 ft
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8.65 mi

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near Miẕpe Yeriẖo, West Bank (فلسطین)

Hike to Wadi Qelt to St George Monestary on cliff face.

Starting point is the entrance to Mitspe Jericho on route one.

Trail starts a little further to the left. (Black Trail)

At the bottom, go right to follow the river bed, or down and back up to the other side to follow the red trail which goes along the top.

Upper trail is longer and has more elevation changes, but it is easier.

Lower river-bed path is more technical and requires more work, quite technical.

You can extend the route by going further upstream to see more ruins and springs.

Level is moderate, but it is technical. Must have good shoes/boots and plenty of water. It was hot in January! If you are not sure of yourself, stay on the upper trail that follows the aquaduct.

Dirt Road-Black Trail Starts Down


Stone Houses


Green Trail-River Bed


Red Trail-UpperRim


St George Monestary-9-to-1


Road Up to Lookout/Cross


Cross with view

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    The best trail in Palestine

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