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  • Photo of Wadi Manshala
  • Photo of Wadi Manshala
  • Photo of Wadi Manshala
  • Photo of Wadi Manshala
  • Photo of Wadi Manshala
  • Photo of Wadi Manshala

Coordinates 390

Uploaded June 21, 2013

Recorded June 2013

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297 ft
-1,285 ft
4.11 mi

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near Atraqzia, West Bank (فلسطین)

A moderate hike that begins at the Dead Sea. Park at O Beach. This hike is about 8km in total. The hike follows the wadi floor along a stream. There is bird life, wild crabs, frogs, et cetera. The terrain becomes difficult after about 2.8kms as there is a steep incline to navigate as the trail had been washed out by rains (2013). The slope is a 45-50% grade. Once atop the wadi rim, the views are well rewarded. The return is along the northern rim which gives new views and an easier descent.


  • eshuler Apr 18, 2016

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    A group of friends and I hiked this trail on 15/04/2016 and the recent rains had created slides, making the trail easier in some areas and more difficult in others. There was a lot of water (even at the beginning of the trail) and it was very beautiful. We saw a lot of frogs, crabs, and birds as well as trees and greenery. Make sure you have some bouldering and/or climbing experience for this hike as there are several spots where small climbs are necessary, especially after the recent rock slides.

  • Mohanad Kawasmi Dec 21, 2017

    Do we need ropes for rappelling?

  • Cucarachai Sep 1, 2019

    I have the same question as Mohanad. Do you need ropes or is it doable without ropes?

  • Photo of ROCKnPAUL

    ROCKnPAUL Sep 1, 2019

    Unless things have changed, ropes are not needed. However some care must be taken where some of the trail has been washed away. It a very rewarding hike.

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