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near Zion Lodge, Utah (United States)

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Day 12 of the USA Road Trip

Attention: GPS signal lost at times due to the crossing of the canyon area. In any case, it has no loss.

In my opinion, Zion deserves a description in greater detail and apart from the entire road trip. A few days earlier we had heard a mountaineer talk about Yosemite loving him, but that Zion loved it. He did not lack reason. Its beauty deserves at least one place in my list of tracks ;-).

Despite being a smaller canyon, the beauty that concentrates and treasures I still have hallucinated as I write these lines: a whole valley that, according to the river, is closing, twisting in endless turns, trapping us in vertical walls more and more high that threaten to fall on us and hug us with their trees.

Other natural parks have more fame, but in my opinion, Zion surpasses them in beauty. In addition, the Virgin River is responsible for its culebreo that abounds flora in the area and that the landscape is not as dry as what we were seeing from Death Valley.

The arrival to the national park already seems special to us. The colors are not as expected when we go "to the mountain": peaks of light reddish tones, pulling what look like roses and whites await us on the horizon. And it is that Zion is also color, a lot of color. Something like this:

We also had the luck to visit it in autumn, with what red, pink, green, white etc ... we add the yellows, ocher, etc ... spectacular!

As we enter and discover why it is worth spending almost 3h drive from Las Vegas to here, I begin to let anxiety take over: I advance a park manager who was in a golf cart, chases me and I He says that as he does not walk more slowly he will call a "ranger" so that "I got a ticket for you" ... glups. Calm down, calm that we are still without seeing the natural park.

But how can I calm down if we start seeing things like these? (zone of the Three Monarchs)

Relax and go to the visitor center. They propose several routes among which "Angels Landing" (The landing of the angels, a name that describes the landscape perfectly) stands out. "The jolla of the crown" of the park according to the guide, but warns us that we must be good "hikers" and not be afraid of the height.

It also tells us about the "narrows" or narrows, which can be visited that day, since the risk of flash floods is minimal. Unfortunately, we are not going to have time so we go directly to Angels Landing.

The route seems simple to do looking at the slope and the km (8km, + 500m). Of course, there are clear warnings saying that the last part is very steep, narrow, not suitable for people with vertigo or children and exposed to falls where for a few years the tragic media is 1 dead per year.

The road is so paved and prepared that it makes me trust a bit, so we move with determination towards the top. You see such a variety of hiker people with nothing but flip flops and jeans that I think they exaggerated. Then I will check that the warnings correspond to reality.

After a more or less pronounced climb followed by a path through a canyon

and then another good zig zag slope, we arrive at what we think is the top: 10-20m of chains on a steep slope, exposed and such, very dangerous with ice, but feasible. The views at this point are already incredible and very aerial.

My wife is encouraged so I am happy, we start until I see that she blocks and tells me that she does not want to continue. It is not the only one, many of the tourists that followed us already turn around in this bridge. After talking to her, convinced that the top is at the side, I tell her that I go to her and that in 5 minutes I come back, that I wait and I lose sight of her.

After advancing a few minutes with increasingly aerial and exposed views and a good view of the entrance of the canyon.

After other chains on the slope with a direct slope to a 400m abyss, I turn around a bend and see how wrong I was. A neck of about 50m and another rise of 50m with chains more exposed than the previous one and with many people waiting until the top. I have this left, and I think I was at the top.

It will not be 5 minutes but 50 and honestly, I was not mentalized nor am I a person who has a series of chains and walls exposed so long, nor do I want to have my wife waiting for me more than 1h without knowing me, so I decide come back

In truth, the warnings were real despite the "turisteo" that is seen.

The views from the antecima are simply marivollosas and to get here is worthwhile but not continue. I am happy with what I see and recognizing my limits. Of course, the thorn will stay.

I do not know if I will ever return to this place and regret to miss the views from the top ... but there are times when you have to know how small and turn around. What is clear is that I will never forget the beauty of Zion.

They already warned that it was necessary to be "good hikers", not in the sense of state of form, but in the sense of being used to climbing and climbing and not having anything of vertigo.

I will not correct the English of a native ... but for me there is a difference between "hiker" and "climber" hehehe ;-). It does not scale, but the climb is not a joke, let alone short. In fact, it excludes people with vertigo and already make it clear that children can not climb it. Any failure or slip takes us to the other neighborhood after falling 400-500m.

After the descent, we head towards the "Emerald Pools" or "Esmeralda Ponds" where we can see other views of the park and its verticality:

At sunset, we leave the park and take the old road 9, Zion Park Boulevard. Another strong point of the trip. Just to say that here the sunset is of the good:

and that pink is really pink:

Completely "in love" with Zion.

Angels Landing

Angels Landing

Angels Landing inicio de cadenas


Lower Emerald Pools

Lower Emerald Pools Zion Lodge, Washington County, USA

Upper Emerald Pools

Upper Emerald Pools Zion Lodge, Washington County, USA


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    LosK2delasKumbres Dec 25, 2014

    Espectacular entorno, Felices fiestas y a seguir deleitandonos con estas magnificas rutas, durante el 2015.

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    Gracias LosK2delasKumbres! Igualmente, disfrutad como hacéis al máximo de todo lo que nos rodea! Feliz 2015.

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    rodrigoestrada Feb 27, 2015

    Excelente reporte, no había descubierto wikiloc cuando estuve allí.

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