Moving time  one hour 25 minutes

Time  2 hours 39 minutes

Coordinates 840

Uploaded December 2, 2019

Recorded January 2019

2,333 f
284 f
3.16 mi

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near Caleta Santa Bárbara, Los Lagos Region (Chile)

Volcán Chaitén was my favorite hike of the 4 we did here in Parque Pumalín and it was by far the most popular here as well. The headliner was the view from the crater both of the inner cone and outwards of Río Rayas draining out to the ocean. The latter is also the view that accompanies you up as you ascend the steep side of the mountain. Lastly, both the recovering jungle vegetation at lower altitudes and burnt out huskes of the vegetation past at higher altitudes both adds their own perspective of the volcano, from the revitalization to the destruction it brings.

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