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Recorded August 2017

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near Konjšica, Bohinj (Slovenija)

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Route with beginning and end near Rudno Polje (Slovenia), where we will make a circular through three peaks, Visevnik (2.050m), Mali Draski (2.132m) and Veliki Draski (2.243m), perfect viewpoints to the south face of the great Triglav.


- The route has been completed at the end of August 2017 with good weather conditions.

- To go provided with water since there is no point where to replenish liquid.

- The ascent to Mali Draski from the waypoint of the hill is the most vertical and becomes hard, but it is allowed to progress more or less well.

- The section from the top of Mali Draski by the cordal, down again to the marked path at the point of the waypoint is blurred in many points and we must continue where we see more or less moderately trodden.

- The section of descent from the top of Mali Draski to reach the grassy mountain has some point that can be complicated or more technical, we must be careful at this point because although it does not have too much exposure a fall could be bad.

- The ascent and descent by the cordal to this second summit (Mali Draski), if we wish, can be avoided by taking the path that skirts this mountain on the hill (see photo)


We start the walk from the same track where we have parked (waypoint 0) and continue along this a few meters up until we find a first junction (waypoint 1) , we will take the right direction to Visevnik, on the left is where we will return at the end of the route.

We continue a few meters by track to reach a fence on our left, we will overcome this and we will enter a path parallel to a ski lift following the indication to Visevnik (waypoint 2) .

From here we will ascend up the hill next to the ski lift (waypoint 3) , and also by sections of forest, once left the shelter of the lift back, and always by a footprint, the route will hardly give us a break as it is a slope steep (waypoint 4) .

After overcoming this long first section we will reach a clearing in the forest with the indication to Visevnik (waypoint 5) , where the terrain becomes a little flatter and will give us a brief respite, from here we will follow a few meters more comfortably until we reach a post and crossing paths, the direction to Visevnik is the one we must follow (waypoint 6) .

We return to gain height a few meters, and we arrive at a kind of hill (waypoint 7) where we turn right, to continue ascending by a path that runs and goes into a stretch of trees and lower vegetation (waypoint 8) .

We will pass by a point like a panoramic viewpoint (waypoint 9) where from here the trees practically disappear and the path is completely clear until the first top, which after ascending diagonally to the right and turn left to reach the cordal (waypoint 10) , and passing by the defined path (waypoint 11) , we will arrive immediately at the first of the summits of the day, Visevnik (2,050m) (waypoint 12) .

From here, although still far, you can see very well part of the natural park massif, it is worth stopping for a while to observe the panorama, as well as to see the next peaks and the path that we must follow.

We leave this summit behind and continue to lose a bit of height to continue along the hill, with views of the Triglav (waypoint 13) , until descending to a small hill with an indicative sign (waypoint 14) , here, if we do not want to face the climb and After the summit, we can turn left and follow a path that skirts this summit.

In our case we follow and begin a strong ascent by a terrain that at times is blurred a little by a kind of small channel (waypoint 15) , to emphasize that from this hill to the top, and until descending from the hill again, the path is not marked with marks or milestones.

After facing and overcoming this slope in a straight line, we will reach the second top of the day of Mali Draski (2.132m) (waypoint 16) , here we have a better view of Triglav, as well as the valley that we have at our feet.

From here the terrain becomes something more technical and progresses more slowly since it is more decomposed, first it will touch down a rocky section to reach a section of the greenish cordal, this section, at a point, will have to be helped by the hands to descend, in addition to taking the proper precautions (waypoint 17) .

Once down we follow the more grassy trail (waypoint 18) , where we must continue through the places we see more trodden, also we will open beautiful views of the valley that we have at our feet (waypoint 19) .

At the end of this long stretch of track we had to descend, cross country, to find the junction with the marked path (waypoint 20) and more footprint that will take us to the base of the last peak of the day.

Once on the path where we will find the red-and-white points (waypoint 21) we will follow this without loss to the base of the Veliki Draski peak, here we find a detour (waypoint 22) on the main path that will take us more directly to the top, but although it will no longer be marked, it is well trodden, it is easy to follow and it is quite jaded.

The path goes zigzagging making the ascent more comfortable, after a first stony section in ascent we will reach a more comfortable area (waypoint 23) with a view to the final stretch that we will be ahead, and something more grassy, ​​after some zigzag finally We will arrive at the top of Veliki Draski (2,243m) (waypoint 24) .

From this summit is the best viewpoint to the Triglav, where you can see its small free shelter on the top, as well as the two shelters located at the foot of this (see photos attached waypoint 24), a good place to regain strength with the best of the views in 360 degrees around.

After the stop rigor we started the comfortable first section of descent by the wide edge of this summit (waypoint 25) , the goal is to reach a hill that we will see below, we will gradually lose height until just before reaching where the slope becomes sharper already put in vegetation (waypoint 26) , after this stretch we will arrive at the hill with an indicative post (waypoint 27) , where the indication, always already in all the remaining crosses, Rudno Polje will be the direction to follow.

Now we will lose more height leaving behind the hill and descending to a hole where looking around we can observe how we will practically be surrounded by the three peaks that we have overcome.

We will arrive at the center of this hole where we will find a flatter area with another crossroads of indicative roads (waypoint 28) , we will continue to Rudno Polje, we will lose a few more meters and we will find a new indication (waypoint 29) , again Rudno Polje will be the direction to follow.

Now the path is gradually entering a wooded area, and in general we will lose height but with some punctual repechito, the path is nice and beautiful (waypoint 30) , and finally you reach a large forest (waypoint 31) , where without any loss we will descend more directly to a wide track (waypoint 32) , which we will take and continue descending through it until we reach the crossing of waypoint 1 of the beginning of the route, and from where there will only be a few more meters to reach to the vehicle and finish this interesting route.

A route that saves the passage through the top and tail, which can be the most technical and significant of the route (optional if we wish), crosses and transits through beautiful areas, many of them very panoramic.


PRISOJNIK / PRISANK (2.547m) by ferrata and natural window from the pass of Vrsic (Slovenia)
KRIZ / KRIŽ (2,409m), cover from shelter Aljazev Dom (Slovenia)

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