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Moving time  one hour 14 minutes

Time  2 hours 11 minutes

Coordinates 935

Uploaded January 15, 2018

Recorded January 2018

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416 ft
-19 ft
3.44 mi

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near Côn Đảo, Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu (Vietnam)

Hike to Vinh Dam Tre. First half along the beach (very filthy), then a jungle trek. At the end we were asked by a guard for entry permit, which we didn't have - to be obtained for free Con Dao. The destination itself isn't worth the effort, expect the beach walk and, if you fancy, the jungle trek the highlights of the trip.

Hint: If you don't fell like walking all the way through the beach you may go all the way up to the airstrip fence by motorbike, although with 2 people (+ baby) the ride was a bit challenging.




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    SELVATIKA Jan 26, 2019

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    we took 40 minutes to walk the beach (dry only in the morning) and one hour in the wood, with breaks. nice, easy.

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