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near Ljuta, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

This trail stage gets you from Ljuta to Kalinovik by hiking or mountain biking. The hiking tour goes over southern slopes of Treskavica and Lukavac summit to Vlaholje village.
Im kleinen, abgelgenen Dorf Ljuta fühlt man sich wie im Bilderbuch: Die Einheimischen bieten frisch gefangene Forellen aus dem Bach, von der Wabe gekratzer Bienenhonig und frisch geerntetet Kartoffeln, Karotten, Bohnen und Tomaten aus dem Gemüsegarten an. Das kleine Bergdorf, das gerade eine Hand voll Einwohner hat, liegt idyllisch umgeben von Bergen im Herzen von Bosnien und Herzegowina südöstlich der Stadt Konjic.
Oko Treskavice household is located in Budovići village just at the foothills of Treskavica Mountain. Besides accommodation (max capacity of 10 beds including 2 apartments), this household offers great gastro specialties like brown trout and different pies baked in a sač oven, cream cheese, homemade honey, different organic herbal teas and juices.
The household is located at most northwest point of village Vlaholje at the trail towards Nenkovci and Treskač (Via Dinarica, Treskavica mountain), 5 km from Kalinovik and approximately 9 km from Jelašca via Jažići village. Currently, there are three rooms available for guests, with 3 or 4 beds in each. This household also offers a range of services including providing all agricultural and domestic products and probably the best guiding services for this area as well as transport by 4x4 vehicle. The family grows their own vegetables and fruits, and will provide you with their own organic food, meat and all different kind of milk and cheese products. If in area, try to make your trip with an overnight at this family.
Vlaholje is a village in the municipality of Kalinovik, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Located in the city center, Hotel Moskva is the only hotel in town. It has 26 rooms, two luxury apartments, and a restaurant that can accommodate up to 150 people. It is suitable for seminars and workshops.
Jelašca is small village near Kalinovik, close to Lelija Mountain.
The mosque was destroyed in the World War II. In the courtyard blossoms beautiful linden, planted by King Milutin seven hundred years ago, at the same time when the chuch was built.
This is a custom made wooden house made by Dragoslav, your host, a carpenter and craftsman. Here, you will enjoy organic and homemade food prepared by Dragoslav's wife Mila. Accommodation is not yet fully completed, but you can definitely have an overnight at the place, just have in mind that you have to have your own sleeping bag. Camping is also possible. You can also visit Dragoslav’s working space and buy his hand made souvenirs.
Next to the wooden house made by Dragoslav, your host, there is also a camping site where you can stay after a long day hike, or a mtb ride. Here, you will enjoy organic and homemade food prepared by Dragoslav's wife Mila. You can also visit Dragoslav’s working space and buy his hand made souvenirs. This camping site is located on the Via Dinarica White Trail BH Stages 10 and 11.


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