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near Čuljci, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

The great hike over Cvrsnica, the highest Herzegovinan mountain, follows Vilinac ridge over Trinjaca summit and Plasa plateau, and descends to Jablanica city. 
Vilinac is located below the eponymous peak Čvrsnica – Veliki Vilinac 2112 MASL. The lodge is located at 1961 MASL and has 40 beds. It was built in 1939. The position of the mountain hut on Vilinac will offer you an unforgettable view of the slopes of Čvrsnica (the highest peak -- Plocno 2228 mn / v), Pestibrda, the most attractive alpine climbing rocks in Balkans (Veliki Kuk), and the complete range of Prenj with all its peaks over 2000 MT / v. It is a smaller building, consisting of a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor and dormitories in the attic. The lodge is supplied with drinking water from two sources: a pit, which is located in the immediate vicinity, and from a pipe inside the lodge. The toilet is outdoors.
Crvenak Lake is located at 1970 MASL and it is both the highest and smallest glacial lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also known by the name Crljenak and Crvenjak . It is located on the west side of the summit of Trinača, near the famous Hajdučka vrata (which is a 10 minutes walk away). It has an oval shape, and it is 70m long, 50m wide and 9 meters deep.
Hajdučka vrata se nalaze na nadmorskoj visini od 2000 metara, na istočnom dijelu planine Čvrsnice. Različiti klimatski i atmosferski faktori su utjecali na stvaranje otvora (prstena) u stijeni, promjera oko 5 metara. Hajdučka vrata se nalaze na rubu kanjona Dive Grabovice te predstavljaju unikatni geomorfološki prirodni fenomen. Od njih se pruža prelijep pogled na stijenu Velikog Kuka, Mezića stijenu, Pestibrdo, Čabulju, Prenj. Postoji legenda koja kaže da su se na ovom mjestu odmetnuti momci ovih krajeva proglašavali hajducima. Kada jednom prođu kroz Hajdučka vrata, zavjetuju se da će čuvati družinu i biti njen uzoran član.
Drinjača is one of the peaks on Čvrsnica Mountain and has an altitude of 2038 MASL.
Treatment recommended.
The hut was recently rebuilt by local hikers from Jablanica. It is located in a remote area of Čvrsnica Mountain and it maintains quite good standards. It is a one floor building with an attic, kitchen and toilet. It has one dormitory with 20 beds. There is no running water available, but there is a wellspring that is a 5 minute walk from the hut, as well as a pit 15 minutes away on foot. The hut is powered by solar panels. It is managed and owned by the Mountain Club Plasa from Jablanica.
Near the broken bridge, which is the symbol of this battle and the most important exhibit, is the Museum „ The Battle for the Wounded of Neretva“ which was opened on November the 12th, 1978 on the ocassion of marking the 35th aniversairy of the battle on the Neretva River. The overall surface of the museum is 3312 square meters. Inside the compound of the museum, next to the exhibition display area of „Battle on Neretva“, there are stagings of the 4th corps of the Army of BiH as well as Jablanica ethno house. In the building of the museum, next to the exhibition area, there is a lobby and a small hall for occasional indoor events, a big hall with 500 seats and a library with a reading room. The city library was placed inside the Museum „Battle for Wounded on Neretva“ on February the 22nd 1984. The library is in disposal of over 10,000 books. Since it's opening, the Museum has been visited by over 3 million people. Source: http://www.muzej-jablanica.com/o-muzeju.html
Podbreška džamija se nalazi u Jablanici u naselju Podbrežje. Izgrađena je 1912. godine.


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