• Photo of Veten, Asane
  • Photo of Veten, Asane

Time  3 hours one minute

Coordinates 864

Uploaded March 31, 2013

Recorded March 2013

1,614 f
283 f
4.58 mi

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near Melingen, Hordaland (Norge)

A great afternoon walk that takes you over one of the highest fjells of Asane, offering commanding 360 degree views. This trip shows walkers a different side of Asane, usually known as a dull suburb of Bergen:one of peaceful meadows and old farm houses. The first part of the route follows the old stagecoach route between Bergen and Trondheim. At a little col, a steep, but well-trodden path veers of towards the summit of Veten that offers great views on a clear day.


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