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near Las Termas, Aysén (Chile)

The hanging glacier (Ventisquero Colgante) coming down between the rock faces over the teal Laguna Témpanos does provide for a nice view and is the highlight of the hike. However, the rest of the hike is mainly a muddy hike through the forest. Some other features that I enjoyed were the crossing of Río Ventisquero and the water runoffs on the mossy wall further up. I would recommend checking out the view from Laguna Témpanos trail as I think it would provide for a better view of the lake itself.

The trail gains most of elevation gain in a short half mile section early on a 0.8 mile stretch. The most difficult part is the mud and wetness that you’ll have to endure. The rangers have put significant effort into wooden steps at the worst parts, so it may get better with more work in the future.

For our detail hike report see: https://travel2walk.com/2019/11/27/trip-report-patagonia-january-2019-part-6-parque-nacional-queulat-ventisquero-colgante/

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