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near Velika Planina, Kamnik (Slovenija)

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A few kilometers from Kamnik, we find the funicular that goes up to this singular and picturesque place, located on a plateau that has its peak at the top of the Gradišče, 1666 meters high.
The name means more or less "Greens (Velika), pastures (Planina)", and is considered the largest extension in Europe of shepherds' huts. It must be said that some have already been bought and restored by people who have nothing to do with grazing, but many still have their original usefulness and can buy products that they say are made by themselves.
We take the cable car and climb up and only follow the paths or tracks that take us up a steep climb up to the top of the Gradišče, the culminating point from where we dominate all the Velika Planina which, at its highest point, has a small wooden chapel, very beautiful and photogenic. From the summit, we also see the large number of small houses (edges?), which are scattered across the plain.
We pass by the middle, on the side of the church and continue along a refuge, the Domžalski Dom, which is at the gates of Mala Planina (Small Grassland), which would be like the flat of Velika Planina but smaller in size. The Mala Planina marks the maximum point of the route we have chosen and we start to move, moving to the right, going to the Gojška Planina. The edges here are more in a mountain range and this forces us to go up to Planina Dovje Raven from where we are now going to Velika Planina again and climb up to a restaurant located at Zelobni Rob where we take advantage of Eat a little before finishing the route on the cable car that takes us down.
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