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Recorded July 2016

8,204 ft
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6.04 mi

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near Les Sobiranes, Ordino (Andorra)

This track goes around the mountain Besali. The track is at its highest almost near the Northern border to France.
The Valley Rialb is a fertile landscape with herds of cattle, full of flowers and grass. It is surrounded by big mountains. The River Rialb floats through the valley, all the way from Pass Rialb.
Rialb is just north of the mountain Village El Serrat.

El Serrat

This is a nice place to take pictures of the surroundings to the village El Serrat.
Mountain pass

Pass Rialb

At this point it is possible to enter the Peak Rialb which is about a 100 meters higher. The pictures show the path up to the pass (above the white snow) and further downwards. You can here see that a Thunder Storm is coming toward from the south. That is why this path has no sidetrip up to the Peak! The storm warned us to get us down as quickly as possible to the forrest for lightening cover.

Green Valley

We see here a small refuge, a cattle herd and beautiful red rhododendron flowers.

Steep Path

The Valley Rialb is still green and fertile in between stony ground. The Mountains to the left is Close to the border of France.


Herds of cattle which we had to pass, but they were friendly.

Refugi de Rialb

A Refuge is here close to the path which passes the River Rialb over a secure bridge. The sign shows us the direction to the highest point at the Valley, the Pass Riab.

Sorteny View

This can be a fine place for taking photographs or eating our packed lunches. Three of the photograps is in the direction of the National Park Sorteny. One of them is a photo of the southern mountain which limits the Park. Here we see what we believe are Snow Stoppers.

River Rialb

The path follows the River Rialb in a narrow start of the valley. This river has its start at the other end of the valley and it is totaly surrounding the Mountain Besali in the north and east.
Mountain hut

Open Refuge

The path passes here an open refuge which seems to be used for anyone, but mostly for the locals, perhaps in sheparding the cattle. The path gives us also a glimps of the Parking Place where our trip started.


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