3,102 ft
1,873 ft
3.51 mi

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near Laudat, Saint George (Dominica)

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12 km roundabout, with an elevation of 850 meters leading to Boiling Lake.
First part of the hike in the forest, the climb is gradual and wooden steps help the crossing of this wet and slippery area.
After a descent into a small valley and the crossing of a river, the climb is steeper, with steps of 30 to 50 cm, climbing to the top of a mountain from where we have a superb view until at the sea.
The hike then descends into the valley of desolation. This part is sporty and requires climbing the slippery and muddy rock.
After crossing the valley of desolation, the path along the white river, hot volcanic river, and several places allow to bathe there. A few climbing and climbing passages and finally reached Boiling Lake.
Return by the same way.

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