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Recorded August 2013

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14.62 mi

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near Javorina, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

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Name: Valley of the 5 Lakes-Kuznice

Start Time: 07/18/2013 10:23

End Time: 07/19/2013 5:48 PM

Distance traveled: 23.3 km

Time in motion: 08:20

Average speed: 3.2 km / h

Maximum speed: 7.1 km / h

Minimum Height: 980 m

Maximum height: 2.098m.

Altitude gain: 1,740m.

Altitude loss: 1.615m

The activity was done in two stages, although the day was fine and without weight, it can be done in one. In Zakopane we take one of the many buses that go to the Morskie Oko Lake. Once at the stop where you leave us (Palenica Bialezanska), take the track that goes up the road to the famous lake (marked in red) to the junction with the Roztoki valley. From here, we follow a much less traveled uphill path (marked in green) that follows the course of the river that drains Lake Grande (Wielki Staw). We crossed several bridges and a beautiful waterfall, until we reached Lake Grande. Here ends the green route. At this point we must take the blue route towards the Refuge of the Valley of the 5 Lakes (Schronisko Dolinae Pieciu Stawow). We leave the backpacks, and without weight, we can continue the blue route in ascent, until the point in which it begins to lower, a beautiful hill to 1,835m. from where there are fantastic views of the refuge, and the valley of the 5 lakes. On the way back to the refuge we can stop at a spectacular lookout with a no less spectacular fall over the valley (Swistowa Czuba 1,763m.). This alternative; Refugio-Collado-Mirador-Refugio can be done in an hour and a half in a comfortable way, taking pictures and enjoying the views. I recommend, that yes, be aware of the time when the Refuge's dining room is closed to take a place to sleep, because the one who runs out of space in the dining room sleeps outside. To avoid this situation you can reserve a room in time with bunk beds. Sleeping outside the shelter is a possibility if it does not rain. If you have a summer jacket, the shelter has blankets.
The second day, after having breakfast and without hurry, we retraced the blue route until yesterday's crossing with the green route, and continued on to the Collado de Zawrat. The blue route is the one that we must follow until Kuznice. Before reaching this hill we have left the five lakes behind the valley. The first, next to the refuge, the Lake of Enfrente (Przedni Staw), then the Great Lake (Wielki Staw). Between these two there is a very small one, that almost goes unnoticed, the Small Lake (Maly Staw). The other two are discovered as you climb the hill, but do not pass by, as the rest of the lakes of this trip. First the Black Lake (Czarny Staw) and then the Back Lake (Zadni Staw). From the Collado Zawrat we started the most delicate section of the crossing. Some chains anchored to the rock help us to descend. Although since we left the shelter we have found few people in this part, we find people again. The climbs that upset bother those that go down or vice versa, so it is necessary to set up or down turns in the different sections with chains. Without realizing it, we passed next to the small Ice Lake (Zmerzly Staw) and continue the descent to the beautiful Black Lake of Gasienicowy (Czarny Staw Gasienicowy). Here we meet again with many people who have gone up to see this beautiful glacier lake because the views offered from the shore are great. After 20 minutes of comfortable descent we arrive at the Refuge of Murowaniec (Schronisco Murowaniec) and 25 minutes later to the collado of Miedzy Kopami. One more hour and we reached Kuznice. In Kuznice we can get on a bus (leave one every 5 minutes) or continue walking another hour to Zakopane.

The route described here, as well as the GPS tracks are indicative. It is the responsibility of whoever carries it out, to take the appropriate safety measures for the itinerary, which will depend on the weather conditions, as well as the technical and physical preparation of the person who carries it out. It is very clear that everything indicated (track and comments) is purely informative and without any other kind of spirit, exempting the author from any responsibility, before any mishap that could suffer who by will or induced induced the route.


  • Photo of Lo mejor está por llegar Blog de Viajes

    Lo mejor está por llegar Blog de Viajes Nov 1, 2017

    Muy bien descrita la ruta.
    He visto videos del ascenso/descenso del Collado Zawrat y me da un poco de respecto. Hay alguna ruta que se pueda seguir desde el refugio sin hacerlo?, o tendría que volver por el mismo sitio hacia Palenica Bialezanska.


  • Photo of Tito Jiménez

    Tito Jiménez Nov 1, 2017

    Supongo que la travesía que quieres hacer es la misma que describo en la ruta. Hay varias opciones para ir desde Palenica Bialezanska a Kuznice desde el refugio, pero si te da respeto el paso Zawrat las otras son incluso con pasos más aéreos o más largas. Hay una travesía muy interesante que va por la cuerda, pero requiere soltura en crestas y nociones de alpinismo. Supongo que eso no es lo que buscas. Yo te recomendaría que hicieras el itinerario que propongo y que no te preocupes por ese lugar, está perfectamente protegido con cables de acero y siempre puedes tomarte tu tiempo, sin agobios para franquearlo. De verdad que no es para tanto, en los vídeos y fotos siempre parece más. Además te aportará un toque de aventura. (Como anécdota te diré que fui con dos chicos de 10 y 13 años, que lo hicieron sin problema). Además, si estuvieras muy agobiado siempre hay alguien que te ayuda, pero te repito que no es para tanto.
    Otro consejo: Si quieres ver otras posibles rutas para afrontar tu reto, ve al mapa de mi ruta de wikiloc y en la esquina superior derecha clicka en "otros mapas"-OpenCicleMap", verás otras posibilidades y comprobarás con las curvas de nivel que están todas por el estilo.
    Ánimo y ya me contarás.

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