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near Caeté Açu, Bahia (Brazil)

3-day trek across the chapada diamantina. It goes through the Pati valley - supposed to be one of the most scenic (not experienced many other places in the chapada). sleeping in local people houses so you don't need to bring much. take care, the first place doesn't serve food, but you can buy things and cook. Second place the food is excellent and the spot is nice.
We've made the trek without guide - only the GPS.
To go to bomba you need a taxi (we paid 80R from palmeiras) and from andarai there is a bus back to Lencois. Supposedly at 3pm but it may be earlier, and seems to change on saturday, it never came for us. The bus goes to tanquinho 15 km away from lencois on the main road.
Very recomandable trail ...

Bomba - start


Ruihnas - sleep1


Way up to Morro Castelo (optional)


Casa do Imperio - sleep2

room 25R/p jantar 25R/p cafe da manana 20R/p


  • luan50 Apr 6, 2014

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    Belo lugar, vale apena ficar mais de três dias para o percurso.

  • Photo of edermutante

    edermutante Jan 12, 2016

    linda fotografia https://fr.wikiloc.com/itineraires-randonnee/vale-do-pati-crossing-bomba-to-andarai-3674336/photo-1681554

  • Photo of edver carraro

    edver carraro Apr 2, 2016

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    Excelente travessia, uma das melhores do Brasil! Paisagens deslumbrantes e povo local de grande coração. Não muito exigente fisicamente. A navegação pode ser dificultada na ausência de um bom mapa ou GPS.

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