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near Paria, Utah (United States)

A nice narrow/slot canyon hike.

In Cannonville, take the road towards Kodachrome basin State Park.
As the park road turns left, go straight ahead on the dirt road.

The trailhead is 3.7 mile past the turnoff to Grosvenor Arch.
At this point you find the sign Cottonwood Narrows North.

Hike to the right into the canyon, on a signed hiking trial.
Once in the canyon turn left, towards the south trailhead.
On a short boulder part, keep left on an easy way down.

At the south trailhead head back.
As you pass the north trailhead, keep on going north.
This part is more rugged, filled with some boulders and a little bit of climbing is required.
Close to the trailhead, is the biggest obstacle, you have to climb a 6 feet drop, not too difficult.

A good turning point, is when the canyon is blocked by a large boulder.


Hiking time: Lower (South) part 1 Hour, 30 Minutes return. Easy.
Upper (North) part 40 Minutes return. Moderate.

The road may be driven by any car, but unless you have a 4x4, check at the visitor center.
Warning: The road is not drivable when wet.
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