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Coordinates 2089

Uploaded July 24, 2017

Recorded January 2014

4,041 ft
169 ft
12.21 mi

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near Barrio Almirante Brown, Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)

The present trail combines the very popular visit to Glaciar Martial with the very interesting ascent to the less-known Cerro Godoy. No mountaineering gear is required.
From the town one follows the road up to the ski centre, which here begins at an unusual height of 320 m. One continues on the piste, and then follows the path to Glaciar Martial. Turning right, a deserted valley leads to a pass looming, on the other side, over the Cañadon Negro, with the Cordón Vinciguerra on the opposite side. The final ridge, featuring also a false summit, will by probably icy, but it has no delicate points.
The most attractive feature is that, in full summer, it is possible to walk around also without a headlamp, due to the high latitude. This is shown in several of the photographs.

Below I enclose the original text that I had written down for the summit 360°.


Had I not put its name into the title, I do not know how many (or few...) people would have recognized at sight that the village shown in this picture is Ushuaia, the southernmost town of the world.
Kitsch as much as you can imagine, Ushuaia is a sort of Cortina copied and pasted into the far end of Patagonia - without, objectively, being surrounded by the first class mountains of Cortina, as you can see or guess in this image.
But it is a magnetic place nevertheless: the Beagle channel, the "mysterious" Chilean island of Navarino on the other side, the incumbing mountains from where a snowstorm can plunge into the main square in few minutes, all this contributes to create an atmosphere unique in the world.
I reached Ushuaia in the evening of December 31 - this was not planned, but came as a consequence of a series of unforeseen events and delays. This is the pleasure of what some people call "adventure travel": to find yourself in a situation that maybe few days before you did even imagine, in this case, toasting the end of the year at the end of the world.
One of the following afternoons I walked from town up to the Mount Martial, whose ski resort begins at a height 300 metres, and I experienced the pleasure to walk on the snow at midnight without even the need for a headlamp. Finding that all this was beautiful, the next day I went up another time. I avoided the Glaciar Martial where you cannot safely walk past the tourist panoramic points, and I turned tight into a remote valley ending in the pass over the wild and abrupt Cañadon Negro: from there, following a rocky ridge I climbed Cerro Godoy. I was losing maybe some metres with respect to the 6542 of my last previous Andine summit, but I stood atop of an indeed original place, an exceptional "mirador" on the town in full summer splendour...

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Aldo Motter

Aldo Motter offers the most straight access to the climb.

Wooden house




End of road


Ski piste

Mountain hut

Plataforma Superior


Wooden bridge




Martial cairn


Martial endpoint


Paso Godoy


Cerro Godoy

Although Cerro del Medio is easier to reacj and thus more popular, I argue that this is the best viewpoint of the region.

Fore-summit of Cerro Godoy




Big Hotel




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