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Time  15 hours 51 minutes

Coordinates 2397

Uploaded May 11, 2017

Recorded May 2017

11,785 f
5,993 f
18.76 mi

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near Urrao, Departamento de Antioquia (Republic of Colombia)

salimos desde el casco urbano del municipio de urrao a las 4 de la mañana en autobus, una hora de recorrido aproximadamente hasta el primer punto. De ahi en adelante caminamos hasta llegar al paramo del sol sobre la cota de los 3600msnm unas 7 horas de recorrido aproximadamente, de ahi bajamos por la reserva de proaves para regresar a eso de las 8 de la noche donde nos esperaba el bus.
Hasta aquí nos trae el bus
Entrada a la reserva colibrí del sol
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  • Photo of Lane Larson

    Lane Larson Mar 23, 2018

    We started hiking at the bus stop, it took us 6 1/2 hours. We did not hike the spur trail deeper into the Paramo. At the entrance to ProAves (after the Paramo) you have to crawl under a fence and then again before you get to the ProAves yellow building with orange roof. You will see a bunch of squiggly lines on the map just after you reach the building, this is where they got lost! As soon as you crawl under the fence pass by the building and head right to the bridge over the stream. Cross the bridge and immediately turn left! You cross over some boulders along the side following the stream down and will pick up the good trail shortly. If the ProAves people catch you here they will try to charge you the entrance fee! Ok if you are Colombian (20,000 cop) but if you are a foreigner $50 USD! We talked our way out of it. This is an awesome fabulous hike, be sure to leave early enough so you are out before dark.

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