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Uploaded April 26, 2009

Recorded November 2006

2,326 f
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near Lac-Supérieur, Quebec (Canada)

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The Nature Access Center maintains a 25-kilometer trail system for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The tracks are divided into two sectors, north and south.

Although there are trails of low difficulty, most are intermediate and some advanced. In winter, most trails are shared between ski touring and snowshoeing enthusiasts. NB: users of the Center can also use the excellent network of Mont-Tremblant Park located a few kilometers away.

Two cards are available. The main site offers an overview of the facilities and points of interest in the vicinity of the reception area. The detailed trail map is a must for anyone wishing to use the trails at the Nature Access Center. Both cards are available free of charge at the reception area.

Map of trails
CArte of the UQAM center
Other information

Gray Mountain Hike with Kaboum

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Alternate parking to faster access to the mountains.
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  • Photo of JulienLabedan
Rock climbing
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Alternate location for hiking
The official parking
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    alfredr Jun 24, 2015

    I intented to walk this trail. But at the entrance, 100m from the street, a white security line indicated the trail as closed, without any further note?

You can or this trail