12,357 ft
9,788 ft
20.2 mi

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near Bartlett, California (United States)

Upper Soldier Lake has that serene, classic Southern Sierra feel. There were no people at the lake, which I loved. The lake is situated in a large bowl, and there are lots of Foxtail pines growing near the lake. It's very peaceful. Unfortunately, there are no fish in the lake. Otherwise this lake would be perfect.

The only unsettling thought I had while relaxing at this lake is that you have to hike 1000 ft out of the bowl through lots of loose sand-gravel, butt kicking terrain. There is an unmaintained trail, and with some patience, I reemerged out of the bowl, and I returned to Horseshoe Meadows safe and sound!

Next year I might plan a backpacking trip along this route and into the Miter Basin. We'll see! This is an ambitious plan :-)


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