Moving time  5 hours 11 minutes

Time  6 hours 41 minutes

Coordinates 2760

Uploaded May 8, 2019

Recorded May 2019

2,195 f
240 f
9.75 mi

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near Årstad, Hordaland (Norge)

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The route starts at the upper station of the Ulriken funicular. This is the highest mountain of those that surround the city of Bergen.
We take the path, just behind the restaurant leaving the cable car behind us in the direction of Floen following milestones, at first some metal poles and later large stone milestones over two meters high, some with signs to be seen in case of important snowfalls.
In our journey we find a great variety of lakes, lagoons, pools and glacier ice fields. We also found a good number of shelters and chests with first aid equipment in good condition, including a spoon stretcher.
When we reach Tarlebovatnet we leave the path to Floen and begin the descent through a track that will take us to Svartediket following the course of the river that connects both bodies of water.
This walk through this wide and paved track is very pleasant because it runs through pine forests.
We finish our route in the dam of Svartediket and we enter the Arstad district, already in the city of Bergen.


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