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Time  6 hours 39 minutes

Coordinates 2727

Uploaded May 8, 2019

Recorded May 2019

2,211 f
336 f
9.84 mi

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near Årstad, Hordaland (Norge)

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It is a route that starts from the cable car station on the Ulriken mountain and follows in part the way to Flojen until we reach Lake Tarlebovatnet, where we start our descent to the Svartediket reservoir.
The route is well signposted by landmarks, some of steel and others of stone construction, but it is a little demanding, as much by the land as by the unevennesses that in some occasions it is necessary to save.
The distance is not much and mainly in descent, as we qualify the route as moderate.
Curious aspect is the presence of chests with first aid materials along the way.


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