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Coordinates 1896

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Recorded February 2019

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near Ágios Nikólaos, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)
The bridge of Tzelefos is located in Paphos natural forest, 6 kilometers away from the Turkish Cypriot village of Agios Nikolaos. It is the largest medieval stone-built bridge in Cyprus. The bridge is built on Diarizos River and stands as one of the most photographed attractions.
In ancient times, it was called “Vokaros” (from the world “separating”). There are several versions of the name of the bridge. For instance, it might come from the Greek word “kelefos” that means weak, ill. The name is likely to be linked to a person that got sick or died during the construction of the bridge.
Roudia Bridge although is one of the most beautiful venetian bridges in Cyprus, it is rarely mentioned in tourist guides. Most people know and visit the Treis Elies Bridge and Tzielefos Bridge. Maybe because is more difficult to get their.
Roudia Bridge is located near the Pera Vasa Picnic Site on the road to Mylikouri and Pano Panagia at the District of Paphos. It is not far away from the well known Tzielefos Bridge. There is a sign close to the bridge.
Beneath the bridge Xeros River is passing thourgh and a blanket of roots from old trees. The area is rich in plain trees, alder trees and pine trees.
Roudia Bridge is part of the Natural Trail that connects the three venetian bridges of Paphos. It was built during the Venetian period and the name “roudia” comes from a bush which was important for the venetian trade.

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Start /End Point Tzelefos Bridge

Beautiful walking path start from bridge don't go on unpaved road (start from river)

Deep in the forest

Beautiful forest , was so green

Pera Vasa picnic site

There is a paved road also ended here from nearby village

After Pera Vasa Picnic site


Left tun to nearest peak


First lower peak


Highest Peak you can see from here both side Rouida and Tzelefos as well

You can even find a toilette here :)

View to Arminou Dam and a Helicopter landing place

Pretty terrible steep road goes thru on mountain top this is why I did mark to difficult , plus when I did catch the paved road to the picnic site is hard to go down from hill , better to make a little more turn study satellite pictures. My chosen road was end and was difficult to get out without turn back

Helicopter landing spot

Far away on last picture I did saw something interesting looks a cave , remind me to Petra in Jordan

View to Arminou Dam


95,96 marking stones at road to Para Vasa Picnic site


Turn left here on back way to narrow path into forest


After the left turn path looks like this


Tzelefos Bridge


  • Photo of elena.pervova196

    elena.pervova196 Sep 2, 2019

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Huge thanks for that route.
    We had a ton of fun hiking there.
    It is difficult and challenging sometimes, but rewarding.
    We started late, at 18 cause of summer heat so half of the trail we walked under huge Milky Way and bright stars. They are eapecially cool here cause there are no light pollution.
    Trail is easy to follow.

  • Photo of CyprusMustSee

    CyprusMustSee Sep 2, 2019

    I just read you are do hiking again and .. I see this review, thank you! Walk under Milky Way in forest, brave, great experience!!

  • kerstikeki Feb 22, 2020

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Title misleading, trail not going to Roudia bridge. Big portion of trail on wide firebrakes.

  • Photo of CyprusMustSee

    CyprusMustSee Feb 24, 2020

    Thank you to point out, it is going to Roudias bridge direction , I had to turn back I did fix title to make it clear.

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