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Recorded October 2016

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near Barangata, Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

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Here you have the complete route and general comments of the trip: RUTA LEMOSHO

DAY 4 (October 12, 2016)
As always at 8:00 we started walking although this time there was a novelty, after breakfast the cook gave us each a little tuperware with lunch, later we found out why.
This day could seem easy because although the distance was one of the biggest of all days, the level of departure and arrival coincided by what seemed like a quiet day. On the contrary, we started climbing hard, always "polepole", until we reach the Lava Tower field located at 4,600 m.
Lava Tower is an intermediate field used by those who attack Kilimanjaro on the west slope through the crater. For us it was the highest level we had ever reached, we were almost at the height of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe with 4,810 m.
There Emru told us that we were going to take the picnic, later we learned that the time it took us to eat served to be a little longer at such a high level and to be able to acclimate better.
We looked for a place among the stones to sit down but it was all very dirty and full of garbage.
Something that caught my attention, is how dirty was all the way we traveled, people are very dirty, is full of candy papers, handkerchiefs, ..... I never thought that a natural park that costs every day that you spend a lot of dollars on it could be so dirty. In the first place the people very dirty (little mountaineer) and secondly bad for the management of the park, since it gives very bad image.
As a curious thing to tell you that sitting seated eating our sandwich suddenly we thought we saw shadows that ran under our feet, ... they looked like mice ... we could see a lot of small rodents with very scary striped backs (you can see them in the last photo) ), who surrounded us to pick up the crumbs that were falling off the food, but they let themselves be seen.
Immediately several crows appeared, we hesitated whether to compete with the rodents or to catch them in an oversight.
The crows in the area are as unpleasant as the European crows but much larger and have a white spot on the back
After the meal, everything was lowered, a pleasant walk along a river bank that irrigated the entire area that looked green with strange bushes.
When we arrived the stores were already assembled and I began to get nauseated every time I smelled food in the camp (beginning of altitude sickness). I spent the evening without tasting practically anything, they offered me ginsen with lemon and I went to bed, the next day a wall of more than 300 m high was waiting for us.

In addition to drinking a lot of water, another measure to acclimatize well and avoid altitude sickness is to climb higher than the previous day and go down to sleep at lower level.
As the excursions were not very long and we arrived soon to the camps, every day we saw people from other groups who did not stop when they arrived, but climbed 150 or 200 m more and then returned to the camp to sleep, thus achieving a better acclimatization.
That day I began to have the first symptoms, a small headache and nausea. Fortunately the next day it happened to me.

DAY 5: Barrano Camp 3,900 m to Karanga Camp 3,995 m

Shira II Camp 3.850 m

Shira 2

cota 4000 m

4000 m

cota 4.500 m


Lava Tower 4.600 m

Lava Tower

Barranco Camp 3.900 m


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