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near Ol Molog, Arusha (Tanzania)

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Here is the complete route and general comments of the trip: RUTA LEMOSHO

DAY 2 (October 10, 2016)
We got up at dawn (6:00) and soon we had a bucket with hot water to wash and while we were collecting the sack, the mattress and the clothes, we had the breakfast prepared in the food store that we used alone, since the porters ate outdoors.
We had breakfast a very dense and powerful cereal soup (not bad), an omelet with crepes and the corresponding tea cup to which you could add powdered milk or a kind of colacao.
After breakfast and while preparing the backpack of the day, the porters were already collecting suitcases and stores in a hurry to have everything prepared as soon as possible. Everything was put in waterproof bags to protect it from dust and rain.
At 8:00 and without waiting for the porters we were already leaving the two guides and the members of the group.
Today we traveled the same distance as yesterday although we gained much more height, almost double, the road was harder and the end of it climbed what they called "elephan cycle" or something like that and it is an endless slope that ends in the Field of Shira I.
The vegetation was no longer so wooded and at the end of the road it disappears to start seeing bushes of medium height.
Along the way, the porters with their heavy load passed us at a rate much higher than ours, amazing the physical effort they made.
When we arrived, we checked in and we could see how the sacks of the porters weighed again (I guess to avoid the picaresque). The shops were assembled and soon we washed and ate again a meal that seemed rich, perhaps because of the effort made.
After eating we spent some sleep and we went with the porters to see where they took the water to supply us and to cook.
We walked about 2 km until we reached the river where they took the water they made in plastic buckets the same as paint. the river did not carry much water but the one that ran was clean fruit of the melting of the glaciers.
We appreciated seeing that they were so far away from the stores (every day it was like that), since camp latrines could easily contaminate them.
Seeing where they collected the water was a tranquility since we were worried about taking any disease for this reason. In fact, we had 2 types of water purification tablets, the normal ones (for clear waters that did not taste) and the forte (for turbid waters with a bleach flavor). We decided to use the normals in our canteens and the truth is that none of us had any problem with diarrhea.
We dined at dusk (6:00 p.m.) and went early to bed.
One of the recommendations they make to try to avoid altitude sickness is to drink a lot of water. The guide insisted that at least we should drink 3 L of water per day plus what you complement with the drink of the meals.
I want to tell you that it was impossible for me to drink such a quantity of water. We were very lucky because it made us very good every day, a radiant sun accompanied us but we did not sweat too much since the temperatures were not too high due to the height at which we were. Nor were the routes too long or demanding.
I remember the agony that happened every day with the canteen always at hand drinking although I was not thirsty and the most that my body admitted was 1.5 L. In the 4 meals that we made a day I tried to drink a cup full of tea that I made Approx one liter more. That's the most I could drink.

DAY 3: Shira I Camp 3,610 m to Shira II Camp 3,850 m
Se pierde el vosque
Shira 1 camp


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