12.31 mi

Elevation gain

2,572 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,572 ft

Max elevation

1,276 ft



Min elevation

146 ft

Trail type



6 hours 10 minutes




February 3, 2013


February 2013
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1,276 ft
146 ft
12.31 mi

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near Tuxedo Park, New York (United States)

This hike takes place from the Tuxedo Park train station parking lot. From the parking lot, make a left on Village Dr Rd and continue on the road. Pass the bridge and then make a left onto Grove Rd to the RD trail head.
At the RD trail head, take the RD trail for approximately 1.5 miles until it intersects with Blue Disc trail Make a right onto the Blue Disc trail and take the trail until to its end at Johnstown Rd. Along this path, there are excellent views of Harriman and towns. Also in winter, at Elbow brush there is a wonderful display of icicles hanging of the cliffs.
Once at the Johnstown RD circle, take the White Bar trail. Now take the WB trail for 3.6 miles till it intersects with the Yellow Triangle trail. At the intersection, make a right onto Yellow Triangle trail and take the trail to the top of Parker Cabin where it intersects with the RD.
Make a right on RD amd take the trail to the White Cross trail. Make a left on White Cross trail and take the trail for 1.8 miles where it intersections with TMI. Along this trail there a lot of streams and a swamp. Once at the intersection, make a right on TMI and take a short walk to the RD trail. Take the RD and the roads back to the parking lot.

Use the NY-NJ trail Conference map of Southern Harriman # 118


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