10.87 mi

Elevation gain

2,103 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,198 ft

Max elevation

1,264 ft



Min elevation

376 ft

Trail type



5 hours 18 minutes




April 3, 2011


April 2011
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1,264 ft
376 ft
10.87 mi

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near Tuxedo Park, New York (United States)

This hike starts out in Tuxedo Park, NY train pkg lot. From the pkg walk to R-D trail head which is on Grove Dr. Once on the R-D trail take the trail all the way where the trail intersects with Yellow Triangle trail. The Yellow triangle trail and the R-D intersects twice so stay on the R-D when you intersect Yellow triangle the first time. Along the way, trail will intersect with other trails but stay on the R-D.
When arriving where the Yellow Triangle trail and the R-D trail, take a right onto the Yellow Triangle trail and stay on it until it intersects with White Bar trail. Depending on the time of day, there is an excellent lunch spot overlooking Lake Skemonto and another near Lake Sebago on the Yellow Triangle trail.
Going straight on the White Bar trail, take the trail until it hits the Kakiat trail. Stay on the Kakait trail until it intersects with the Blue Disc trail, where at that point take a right on the Blue Disc trail.
Stay on the Blue Disc until it intersects with the TMI trail. Along the way, there will be several view point especially where the Blue Disc intersects with the TMI.
Take TMI back to R-D trail and make a left on the R-D to return to the pkg lot at Tuxedo Park.


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