5.01 mi

Elevation gain

1,312 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

771 ft

Max elevation

2,941 ft


48 4.7

Min elevation

1,850 ft

Trail type

One Way




April 6, 2020


April 2020
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  • Easy to follow

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2,941 ft
1,850 ft
5.01 mi

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near Okroq’ana, T'bilisi (Georgia)

Usually, this trail starts at the main entrance of the Turtle Lake Recreational Area (Kus Tba in Georgian), but in this case, we start from the different spot - St. George Church at Marabda Street. Two trails interconnect at the Kus Tba Viewpoint (see the corresponding waymark).

This is a half-day, easy hike in Tbilisi, which takes around 3 hr.
Besides hiking, the area is perfect for a family walk, picnics, trail running and biking.

There are several other trails in the area, which often interconnect. I find this trail one of the best options, together with the one that starts from the main entrance of Kus Tba Recreational Area.

View Point


Bus Station


Educational Board 1

  • Photo of Educational Board 1

Educational Board 2

  • Photo of Educational Board 2

Educational Board 3


Fira Place

  • Photo of Fira Place


Information point

Info Board / Bus Station


Main Junction


Mtatsminda Park Entrance


Picnic Area

  • Photo of Picnic Area

Sing Post

Religious site

St. George Church


Turtle Lake

  • Photo of Turtle Lake


  • Photo of სოლომონი ჯიშიაშვილი

    სოლომონი ჯიშიაშვილი Jul 1, 2020

    გზად დასალევი წყალი ხოარარი სადმე?

  • Denis Petukhov Oct 26, 2020

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Highly recommend red trail due to beauty. Yellow one much easier, but kinda boring.

  • Photo of davitiany

    davitiany Feb 15, 2021

    I have followed this trail  View more

    A pleasant and enjoyable way to escape the noise of the city and get some fresh air.

  • Photo of Zviad Kelenjeridze

    Zviad Kelenjeridze Aug 23, 2021

    გამარჯობა სოლომონ.
    ბოდიში ძალიან დაგვიანებული პასუხისთვის, ალბათ უკვე აზრიც არ აქვს, თუმცა ეს ინფორმაცია შეიძლაბა სხვასაც გამოადგეს.

    საპიკნიკე ადგილამდე არ მისული, დაახლოებით 50-60 მეტრში, ამ კოორდინატზე 41.693550, 44.743141 გამოედინება წყარო. არის პერიოდები როცა დამშრალია. მე პირადად არასოდეს მისარგებლია და დასალევად რამდენად ვარგისია ვერ გეტყვი. ალბათ ჯობია რომ წყალი წინასწარ მოიმარაგო.

  • anon ymous 1 Aug 30, 2021

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    I followed this trail today and it was awesome..! Thank you zviad. but i am curious to know the condition of this trail in winters..
    expecting a response😇

  • Photo of Zviad Kelenjeridze

    Zviad Kelenjeridze Aug 30, 2021

    Hello anon ymous 1. Glad to hear that you liked the trail. I will upload several other walking/hiking options for Turle Lake and Mtatsminda in nearest future.

    What can I say, trail is walkable in winter as well. Usually there isn't that much snow that it could become obstacle.

  • anon ymous 1 Aug 30, 2021

    Thank you for your response.. 👍

  • Photo of Soylecethin

    Soylecethin Jul 4, 2022

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Fun and scenic with great views of the city.

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