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  • Photo of Tufton Hall Falls
  • Photo of Tufton Hall Falls

Time  6 hours 3 minutes

Coordinates 657

Uploaded September 11, 2017

Recorded September 2017

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1,273 ft
102 ft
5.05 mi

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near L’Esperance, Saint Mark (Greanada)

This is a fantastic river hike, with a few trail segments around the impassible parts of the river. The trail starts along the fence on the right side of the water treatment plant, but I think you could just as easily start walking up the river right there at the bridge just to the right. Gloves are recommended, as there are a lot of places where you need to use your hands for balance or rock climbing. We had heard it was necessary to bring ropes but we found that not true. There is one sheer rock wall near the end of the trail, where there are ropes permanently in place. My track only goes this far, as we left our gear at the bottom of this wall. The trail continues another few hundred yards past my track. There were a few biting bugs and we all (4) suffered some skin irritations from various plants. So you might consider bringing repellent and something to soothe the itching, or else wear long pants and long sleeves. It took us about 3 hours to go up and two to come down, with a few breaks. My apologies; the trail ends down the road a bit because I forgot to stop recording in the app until we were driving away. The trail is about 5 miles round trip.

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  • yuliaz Jun 11, 2018

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    Awesome hike!!!! Many waterfalls on the way. It looked like there was a recent land slide, so the last hundreds meters didn't look passable with trees laying around, but it also could be that we were tired and just decided to turn around. The hike is so stunning and fun if you like jumping from rock to rock. Beginning of the hike has a trail right next to it, which completely disappears after awhile and you just walk in the bed of the stream. Beware many rocks are slippery. Some kind of water shoes could be nice.
    There is a little detour you can take, following the trail on the left that goes through farmland and many tasty trees :). When the trail ends, you just slide back down to the stream.

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