7.98 mi

Elevation gain

771 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

817 ft

Max elevation

146 ft


24 5

Min elevation

16 ft

Trail type



6 hours 46 minutes




February 27, 2011


February 2011
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146 ft
16 ft
7.98 mi

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near Holopaw, Florida (United States)

This is a very nice hike, but it can be a little difficult or very easy depending on when you do it (weather and water). The day I did it the sun was hot and the mosquitoes where after me with a vengeance - it was fortunate I put a lot of deet and sunscreen on before starting the hike. I really enjoyed the 8+ miles as it started in the palmettos "ponds" and then entering the Crabgrass Creek area and then back into the Palmettos and open fields. The trail is well blazed with orange paint - I did lose the trail a couple of times, but them found it again with little trouble. I started from the east side, I recommend starting from the west side if it is going to be a hot day (all open that way for a few miles). There is a picnic table on a short blue blazed trail off the main trail, which makes a nice rest spot - this closer to the east side start than the west side, so planning is what you might want to do. Part of the trail in the Crabgrass Creek section is dedicated to Cathi Riley who is no longer with us - consider thinking of her for what she did to create this trail. Like everything in the wild, who knows what you will encounter - my biggest problem was the mud I stepped in which covered my boots. I did see some deer, hogs, turkeys and cattle - they do share the trail with you, but like always they are more scared of you than you should be of them, take my word for it. I did find some hunter trash along the trail, so please consider picking up any trash you might encounter, hikers are just that way! Also, please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Always check the hunting schedule before going to this area as it is a "WMA". Check my website for hunting schedules, downloading tracks and more pictures - - happy trails to all!

Blue Trail Start

Blue trail to picnic table

Cathi's Trail - East Side

Eastside start of trail section dedicated to Cathi Riley

Cathi's Trail - West Side

Westside start of trail section dedicated to Cathi Riley


Footbridge to cross this section of Crabgrass Creek
Car park

Parking Area

Main Parking Area

Picnic Table

Picnic table in a very nice area

Open Field Starts/ends

This is where the trail is part of the open section

White Trail Enters

White trail enters orange trail here


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    z_statman Mar 2, 2011

    Thanks Frog Man, nice addition

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    dubbler415 Feb 3, 2022

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    Thank you , was perfect

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