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near Holopaw, Florida (United States)

This is the shortest of all the trails found in this vast WMA. It is currently about 1.5 miles in length and a loop. It once was 2 miles, but due to some trail changes, the length has been shortened. True to its name, it is truly a “flatwoods” hike. A fair portion of the trail winds through pine flatwoods area, consisting of pine trees and palmettos. The rest of the trail is made up of old and new roads. It is totally in the open, so if your there on a sunny day I highly recommend some sunscreen. The eastern section of the trail is shared with two other trails found on the Triple-N Ranch, so you will see a variety of colored blazes for a fair part of that section of the trail – just watch and follow the white blazes to stay on the flatwoods trail. You will pass by some small “ponds” – mostly just dried up areas. If you should visit the area after a hog hunt, you will also pass through an area where it seems the FWC has allocated as the cleanup area for killed hogs – the smell and skeletons of dead hogs is not very pleasing. Depending on when you visit the area you should encounter some wildlife, even if just a songbird. There are cattle in the area, if you should encounter one, don’t worry, they don’t like you and will run. Also, please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Always check the hunting schedule before going to this area as it is a "WMA". Check my website for hunting schedules, downloading tracks and more pictures - www.tomchoma.com - happy trails to all!
You will cross the main loop road here
Main parking area with restroom and picnic tables
Dry pond you will pass


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