8.43 mi

Elevation gain

751 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

751 ft

Max elevation

138 ft



Min elevation

40 ft

Trail type



6 hours 27 minutes




March 1, 2014


February 2014

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138 ft
40 ft
8.43 mi

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near Deer Park, Florida (United States)

This section of the Triple N Ranch is best accessed from a parking area at the end of Crabgrass Road. You will see a dirt road across from the entrance to Bull Creek WMA. Take that road and the first left. There should be some signage, but if not don’t worry. The parking area is vast. I’m told that hunters are allowed to drive these roads during hunting season, don’t believe they can get in from this gate. You can hike and bike it all year. I would suggest that you avoid it during hunting season. This area is made up of palmetto ponds, scrub pines and cypress mounds. The main roads (number 8 and 9) will take you through the area. There are some unnumbered roads off the main roads which you can explore. There are remnants of an old ranch in the extreme south section. It is an interesting spot, not much structures left (destroyed like much of Florida history by the state), but you can see from the fences and trees they planted that it was quite a ranch in its time. There is one road which leads you to a restricted area, from maps I see that there is some kind of a house there (if anyone knows about it, please tell me about it). I did hit water the day I went – had to find a way around quite a deep puddle across Road #9. Be forewarned this is mainly an open area, so the sun is on you most of the time if there are no clouds. I did see a variety of wildlife and birds while walking around. I did hike it (over 9.5 miles), but I would say a bike might be a better way to go if you’re not doing too much off road exploring. Visit my website for more information. Happy trails to all!

Enter Road #8 Here

Road #8 and Road #9 Junction
Information point

Old Ranch Cowpen

What is Left of an old Cattle Pen
Car park

Parking Area/Enter Road #9

Parking area/entrance

Remains of Old Ranch

What is left of the primary ranch building

Water on Road

Hit water on road here - cypress swamp/creek area - I did find a little less wet way around it - found hog trail - feet still got well - ugh!


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