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near Royal Oak, British Columbia (Canada)

Up Mt Doug in the rain via Blenkinsop, Tod, Harrop and South Ridge Trails, then down on Irvine and around on Merriman and Whittaker looking for the trail to Michael's Waterfall. We climbed back to the summit on a back route with running water but not Michael's Falls. GPS stopped recording on the rough trail to the summit. Lunch in the sun at the summit viewpoint. Descended on the road to the unofficial trail parallel to Merriman and found the trail to Michael's Falls. We didn't climb back to the summit but went back, rebooting the GPS and hiking around to climb Little Doug before returning via Tod and Mercer and Blenkinsop Road. The two track logs have been merged with a straight line splice cutting out the descent around on the road and the visit to Michael's waterfall. Three summits but not a great distance, perhaps 6 km.


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