10.08 mi

Elevation gain

194 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

194 ft

Max elevation

100 ft



Min elevation

-30 ft

Trail type





November 12, 2020


November 2020

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100 ft
-30 ft
10.08 mi

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near Trimley St Mary, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: Expect a delay at the railway crossing at Felixstowe port.

Park south of the railway station in Trimley Saint Mary, Cordys Lane. If this is full, start the walk from the free car park north of Felixstowe Lidl. There is additional street parking nearby in Felixstowe.
From the Trimley parking bay head north and first left, NW. This path heads NW overall with several right left kinks. It's a pleasant path through several belts of woodland. There are occasional views towards the river Orwell. Eventually the NW leg ends.
Turn left, west, and head down to the river. In winter, Loompit Lake can be seen on the right.
At the river, follow the flood bank footpath south to the docks at Felixstowe. There are fine views, left, over the Trimley marshes. At the port, turn left and follow the port perimeter track. There is a high tree-covered earth bank between this track and the port. It's green and leafy and the port is hidden. Sadly the noises still get through. It's like a metallic thunderstorm above a busy road where many vehicles are reversing. Turn right twice to keep close to the port. Later bear left, east, up the earth bank, still close to the port.
Drop down to the railway crossing. It tells you to phone to get the crossing unlocked.
I tried the yellow phone and the number on the sign, waited 80 rings and got no answer!
Eventually a safety marshal found me and radioed to get the gates unlocked.
There are seven lines to cross with quite a lot of rail traffic.
The need for safety is understandable.
After the rail crossing, the walk is on roads for a while.
Head south east until you cross the passenger railway track to Felixstowe.
Turn first left onto a footpath that runs close to the railway.
Head through some park land. Next head NE across the Lidl car park.
LIDL - Free car mark north of Lidl - optional start point:
Head north along the A154, Garrison Lane.
Turn left into Chaucer Road and continue north.
Turn left, west, along Mill Lane and cross the railway.
Turn right, north, back on the railway path.
Turn right onto Maidstone Road and head past the school, left.
Turn left, west, onto a footpath and head past houses and round the back of the school.
Turn right, NW, parallel with the railway again.
Cross the footbridge over the railway and head south along Runnacles Way.
Turn right, west, into Grange Farm Avenue.
Turn right, NW, into Runnacles Way (again!).
Turn left, SW, into William Booth Way.
Bear right, NW, into Generals Mews.
Turn left, SW, into a connecting path to Aldringham Mews.
Head NW along Aldringham Mews and continue on another connecting path into Rendlesham Road.
Head NW towards the roar of the A14.
Turn left and right and use the footbridge to cross the A14.
Head west on a woodland path and drop down into a dip.
Turn right, north, along the signed bridleway and cross under the railway.
Continue north and soon NW back to Cordys Lane.
Turn left to return to the parking bay.
The car park is ahead. The footpath is first right, NW, if you started from Felixstowe.

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Car park

TM 29579 34218, Felixstowe

Car park

Trimley, TM 27764 35708

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Trimley, TM 27764 35708


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