Time  5 hours 5 minutes

Coordinates 1343

Uploaded September 28, 2013

Recorded August 2013

9,376 ft
8,806 ft
6.54 mi

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near Hadigaun, Western Region (Nepal)

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The sky is still cloudy today, but they say it is safe to fly, so we went out, we quickly took the backpacks and passed the controls, there I am sitting inside the plane, there are only 17 seats, the plane is very small, as it is windy we are going to move more than a ferris wheel. I will just say there was no wind and the views across the Annapurna were breathtaking.
As soon as we get down we contact our two Nepalese guides (Lakpa and Nima), for the area we are going to visit it is necessary to pay a visa and hire guides and animals to carry part of the luggage.
We rest a little and in we continue we start the route of the day, today it will be short and smooth, I am realizing that I am treading part of the Himalayas. Today we will be walking along the left bank of the Kali Gandaki river, this river will open the Himalayas in two. We will go in a smooth ascent until we reach the town of Kagbeni, we have already seen our first Tibetan bridge that crosses the Kali Gandaki we have also crossed our first river with no option but to take off our boots, on these roads we will find Tibetans who move from a town to another, it is their only way of communication, here they do not have asphalt roads, they only have dirt tracks in bad conditions, as well as an overflowing river, a landslide on the road,….
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