Time  4 hours 24 minutes

Coordinates 1154

Uploaded September 28, 2013

Recorded August 2013

12,074 f
9,196 f
6.26 mi

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near Kagbenee, Western Region (Nepal)

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Today, the last day of the trekking, Susana has to go back in a vehicle with Pablo, according to what they told us afterwards it was all an experience that I would not like to experience. The all-terrain vehicle that went could be about 15 people plus two on the roof, enter 10, the track with lots of pebbles on the road only fits a car but they go both ways, usually on the side of the road you have the mountain and on the other the cliff without barrier, the Kali Gandaki river waits for you below, total an odyssey.
While we were going to finish our route in Muktinath, sacred place for both Hindus and Buddhists, the road was very beautiful, in the first part of the climb we were seeing the whole Kagbeni valley, little by little we went through forests and through different towns .
When they arrived in Muktinath they were celebrating the "yartung festival", during three days there are horse racing competitions, archery, ...
Here finished our trekking, 10 days of unforgettable route, with some companions that is very easy to travel with them, thanks to all for having allowed to have enjoyed this trip so much,









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