9.95 mi

Elevation gain

5,830 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

3,629 ft

Max elevation

8,627 ft



Min elevation

5,447 ft

Trail type

One Way




April 10, 2021


October 2018
8,627 ft
5,447 ft
9.95 mi

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near Tal, Gandaki Pradesh (Nepal)

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Classic and beautiful 17-day semicircular crossing, going around the Annapurnas massif, in the Himalayas (Nepal), crossing impressive rural landscapes in valleys located at the foot of giants of rock and ice, mountains that exceed the 8,000 meters high: Annapurnas, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu. But as much or more important than the landscape and wild nature that overwhelms us at every moment, with its absolute grandeur, is the human component, which makes itself known to us in its small towns and villages, with its different ethnic groups and religions (Buddhism and Hinduism).
The beginning of the journey takes place in Besisahar at an altitude of 821 meters, ending as a walk on foot in Birethanti, with subsequent transfer by vehicles to Pokhara.
Along the way, the affable character and kindness of the simple people of the country remain in our memory, as well as charismatic landmarks of the route: the visit to Lake Tilicho, located almost 5,000 meters high, and of course, as a true inflection line and the highest point of the trek, the ascent to Thorong La, the highest mountain pass in the world, with its 5,415 meters of altitude, and without forgetting the many temples and places of prayer, Hindu and Buddhist, where you can breathe spirituality in bloom of skin.
The return to the Annapurnas and Lake Tilicho, in short, is a journey that remains indelible in the memory of those who undertake it, for the rest of their lives.

Day 3. Tal (1,700 mts) to Timang (2,580 mts). On both banks of the Marsyangdi and first snow.

Day in which we continue to progress alternately on both banks of the Marsyangdi River, crossing it up to three times. The path continues ascending between the first pine forests after passing more rice fields and potato fields, while the valley narrows again with high cliffs.
We leave the Manaslu circuit road on the right, an old commercial route to Tibet, arriving at the town of Dharapani, where after a pleasant tea, we continue ascending in a westerly direction, to the town of DanaKyu, lunch and a short rest, and then continue along a beautiful path through dense forests.
The anecdote of the day was the unexpected crossing of a section of road flooded by a tumultuous torrent. The pass, framed by beautiful waterfalls, forces us to jump between stones, balancing so as not to get wet. Laughter because some of the members of the group were about to fail.
At the end of the route, the path finally leaves the forest into open spaces, where our destination for the day, the town of Timang, is surrounded by an amphitheater of high and beautiful slightly snow-capped mountains. Beer, dinner and rest that we have sufficiently earned.

Start time: 07/10/2018 07:51
End Time: 07/10/2018 15:30
Distance traveled: 16.8 km (07:39)
Moving time: 03:53
Average speed: 2.2 km / h
Vel. in Mov .: 4.32 km / h
Maximum speed: 33.37 km / h
Minimum altitude: 1297 m
Maximum Height: 2635 m
Ascent speed: 398.2 m / h
Descent Speed: -388.5 m / h
Altitude Gain: 1942 m
Altitude loss: -991 m
Ascent Time: 04:52
Descent Time: 02:33

Other stages of the Journey of the Annapurnas:

Day 1. Besisahar (820 mts.) To Bahundanda (1,310 mts.). First steps between rice fields.
Day 2. Bahundanda (1,310 mts.) To Tal (1,700 mts.). Ascending the course of the Marsyangdi.

Notice: The routes described here, as well as the tracks for GPS, are merely indicative. It is the responsibility of the person who carries them out, the security measures inherent to each itinerary, which will depend on the meteorological conditions and the physical and technical preparation of the person who carries it out. All the information available here is informative, exempting the author from any responsibility for any mishap that may be suffered by those who carry out the route of their own or induced will.
Mountain hut

01 Tal (1.700 mts.) (Inicio etapa 3)


02 Karte


03 Puente 1 sobre el Marsyangdi


04 Daraphani

Mountain hut

05 Daraphani (Té)


06 Puente 2 sobre el Marsyangdi


07 Puente 3 sobre el Marsyangdi


08 Primeras vistas del Manaslu

Mountain hut

09 Danakyu (comida)


10 Senda


11 Puente


12 Vistas desde proximidades de Timang (1)


13 Vistas (2)


14 Vistas (3)

Wilderness hut

15 Timang (2.580 mts.) (Fin de etapa 3)


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