Time  8 hours 43 minutes

Coordinates 2857

Uploaded November 21, 2016

Recorded November 2016

3,222 f
1,165 f
22.01 mi

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near Hsipaw, Shan (Myanmar [Burma])

The trek from Hsipaw to Shan and Palaung villages has been organised by the Lily the Home Guesthouse, where it started. We have been transported by a tuktuk for around 2.7 kilometres from where we started to walk. First, the trail goes through fields, and after a village turned right, following a narrow path into bushes and jungle.

The path went down to a river (which can be quite high during the wet season) and then steeply up to a Palaung village from where we came back to Hsipaw by motorbikes.

You should not attempt to follow the trail on your own. We had a great guide Aike Thein ([email protected]). It is advisable to go with the guide (the area was calm at the time, despite an ongoing military conflict in the nearby hills) as you cross private properties and it is easy to get lost in the bushes. The guide also interprets in your contacts with the locals and arranges the transport back. The path was slippery at some points.

November is a good season to do the trek: it's dry and villagers do not yet burn rests from harvest.
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  • Photo of RubAlvarez

    RubAlvarez Nov 22, 2016

    35 km? En un jour ou deux?

  • Photo of Jakub W

    Jakub W Nov 25, 2016

    En un jour! On a marché la moitié (environ 17) et on est retourné du village à moto.

  • Photo of RubAlvarez

    RubAlvarez Nov 25, 2016

    Ah, d'accord! C'est mieux comme ça! De toute façon, 17 km c'est bien!

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