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near Moyad, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)

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Nice crossing that crosses the Morne Mountains from South to North starting from the small town of Attical.

The first part is the most monotonous because we must walk a few kilometers by road to take the track known as Banns Road. Here we already enter the massif, leaving the Slieve Muck peak to the left.

We will go through the Morne wall and continue walking until we reach the Lough Shanna, a large lake located about 400 meters high. From here, we will pass through an area outside the trail until it connects with a path that comes from Slieve Muck and that will leave us at the foot of the Slieve Bearnagh.

We will climb the Slieve Bearnagh through a steep path that is attached to the wall. The top is crowned by granite boulders of difficult access.

The descent is very beautiful, leaving an antecimal on the left. We will connect with the path known as Brandy Pad that ascends little by little until reaching the pass that separates Slieve Donard (roof of the Morne Mountains and all of Northern Ireland) and Slieve Commedagh.

The final descent to Newcastle is made by the Glen River trail, of great beauty.

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Derecha por la Banns Road

Building of interest

Mourne wall


Seguimos por Banns Road


Lough Shanna


Slieve Bearnagh


Brandy pat


Vistas a Ben Crom


Izquierda al collado


Mourne wall


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