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Coordinates 450

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Recorded July 2017

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1.95 mi

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near Trarego, Piemonte (Italia)

Easy hike with waterfall and river bath in Trarego, with nice views of the Lago Maggiore. The hike starts in the village (parking available). You walk through the village past the church. Past the village you leave the road and arrive to a bridge. Here, the Rio Piumesc has created a river bath, a nice spot to cool down. You continue through the forest and come to a bifurcation where a path to the right takes you to a monument to anti-fascist partisans. Here, the path ends, and you return to the bifurcation and go down a bit and then go back towards the village. Soon you pass the waterfall of the same Rio Piumesc. A bit further you walk on meadows between orchards just below the village. You continue into the southern end of the village and on a serpentine road you go back up to the starting point.
We saw a snake wrapping itself around a prey in the woods, but our presence disturbed the snake and the prey was able to escape…

Bathing spot

The Rio Piumesc has created a swimming hole in the gorge through which it cascades down to the larger waterfall further down. Nice spot to swim a bit.
Sacred architecture


Church in the center of Trarego

Meadows below village

Here you walk on meadows just below the village

Monument to partisans

Here you will find a monument to anti-fascist partisans


Here the Rio Piumesc cascades down from quite some height.


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