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near Mancor de la Vall, Baleares (España)

Stage 7 of the "Ruta de Piedra en seco" GR221 from the Refugio at Tossals Verd to the refugio at Lluc. The route retraces stage 6 for about an hour and then once on the main GR221 the track climbs steeply to 1,200m. At first the route is wooded but as we gain altidude the landscape is more open heathland. The track is badly scoured by water in parts but it is easy to follow. The path crosses the Coll de Prat then the Coll de Telègraf before skirting Galileu and then heading to the rim of the Lluc Valley where a many zig-zaged, steep, stoney descent will test your concentration. I would like to tell you about the great views and post some photos - but the rain, hail and thick low clouds kept them from me!
Refugio in Lluc


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