1.38 mi

Elevation gain

440 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

440 ft

Max elevation

73 ft



Min elevation

-112 ft

Trail type



2 hours 25 minutes




April 10, 2016


April 2016

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73 ft
-112 ft
1.38 mi

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near Christmas, Florida (United States)

This short hike will take you from designated parking area #5 onto the white blazed trail up to the yellow blazed trail. I took the yellow blazed trail to the youth camp and then back to the white trail. I then cut back to the blue trail and took that to the youth camp and then back to the white trail and back to the car. You will see some beautiful pines and oaks along the trail, as well as other representatives of the ego system of the area. This is just one of the many hikes on blazed and unblazed trails in the Tosohatchee WMA. If you are into GEOCaching, there is a couple in the area of the hike. In the Tosohatchee WMA hunting is allowed at different times of the year. You can check my hunting calendar at". If in the area during hunting season, wear your orange or bright colors (really should always wear bright colors). Check my website out at for more information. Happy trails to all!
Information point

Blue Blazed Trail End

Blue Blazed Trail Ends at Youth Camp
Information point

Blue Blazed Trail Start

Blue Blazed Trail Start - off the white blazed trail
Car park

Parking Area #5

Designated Parking Area #5 - only park in designated area
Information point

White Blazed Trail Start

White blazed trail starts from the parking area
Information point

Yellow Blazed Trail Start

Yellow blazed trail cuts off white blazed trail
Information point

Yellow Blazed Trail End

End of yellow blazed trail at the youth camp

Youth Camp-Camping-Picnic Tables

Youth camp area - authorized camping allowed, picnic tables for all to use


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