3.38 mi

Elevation gain

512 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

512 ft

Max elevation

97 ft



Min elevation

-22 ft

Trail type



3 hours 29 minutes




January 21, 2016


January 2016

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97 ft
-22 ft
3.38 mi

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near Christmas, Florida (United States)

This Hike is located in the Tosohatchee WMA. It is in an interesting spot because like many areas of Tosohatchee there is some history relating to it. As you hike to the end of the berm you will notice that what seems like a road is actually a berm cut through the woods to support a railroad system. Loggers used the railroad to harvest large cypress trees found in the swamp. You can see cypress stumps along the berm. If the swamp is dry and you wish to look around you will see a number of large cypress stumps. No idea when it was done, but certainly a very long time ago. If you look around you will see a few pieces of the old railroad rails etc. When they got done logging the area they tore up the railroad bed and took it with them. If you are into GEOCaching, there are a couple in the area of the hike. At the end of the line, you will see a turnaround. The area around the berm up that way can be quite wet, the berm is built above most water. I did have to jump a little water one of the times I made the hike. The Florida Trail is near the parking area. Parking for this hike is at the end of St Nicholos Ave, there is no charge to enter from here. There is a small pond in the middle of the turnaround; one of the days I was there I enjoyed a nice lunch observing a bunch of young gators. There is a benchmark witness post near the cache. I found the post, but never the benchmark! I have observed a variety of wildlife in this area.
In the Tosohatchee WMA hunting is allowed at different times of the year. You can check my hunting calendar at". If in the area during hunting season, wear your orange or bright colors (really should always wear bright colors). Check my website out at for more information. Happy trails to all!

GC42DR2 End Of The Railroad Line


GC42DRQ Stumped Tube


Enter Railroad Berm

Enter the actual Railroad berm at this location
Car park

Parking Area/Entrance

Parking area at the end of St Nickolos Ave
Information point

Survey Marker Post

Old Survey Marker Witness Posts - two of them. If you ever find the actual bronze survey marker, please let me know.


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