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Recorded March 2009

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near Canaveral Acres, Florida (United States)

This area of Tosohatchee is rarely used, so give it a try. You can drive right up to the old bridge and then start your hike. Below the pond you will come across what is an old trail. The trail actually in great shape, I have fixed some of the tin trail markers to make them more visible. The trail is "blazed" with a variety of markers, from tin squares to orange paint to red tape. I have been down there a number of times, finding the trail each time. When you get to the last trail marker you should just continue following the game (cattle) trail out to the St Johns River. Depending on the water level you can enjoy walking around that area. The cattle out near the river will not harm you. You may want to mark the cattle trail you used to get into the area to make it easier to find your way out. If you download the tracks to your GPS, you will have no trouble. This hike is what I consider one of the prettiest in Tosohatchee. It is pretty much impossible to get lost because the river is on one side and a large open area is on the other side. Some hunting is allowed in Tosohatchee in the winter, so wear orange or bright colors just to be safe. You must enter Tosohatchee off Taylor Creek Road in order to get down to this area, you can not get to it from RT528!
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Cattle/game trail to St Johns River
This was the last tin trail marker found - should hit game trail
Old bridge crossing canal
Standing water, pond with some gators in it
Standing water, pond with some gators in it


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