Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  3 hours 20 minutes

Coordinates 518

Uploaded January 3, 2016

Recorded January 2016

130 f
-4 f
3.21 mi

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near Christmas, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you to another corner of the Tosohatchee WMA. I found this trail in 2015, it seems to be a new trail. The trail is blazed with white paint. There is a blue blazed trail from the youth camp area that can be used to access this trail. An orange blazed trail crosses it, as well as another orange blazed trail near Beehead Road – if you have the time and energy, give them a look! I started from Parking Area #5, but the trail can also be found off Beehead Road, park at Parking Area #1. It is not a loop trail; you would normally have to return the way you came. A section of the trail takes you to Poweline Road. A far portion of the trail is in the open, so be prepared for the sun. I found it to be a pretty easy hike, especially in cooler weather. I did see a few birds, but that was it.
As with many areas in Florida, be aware that hunting is allowed at different times of the year. I advise you to wear bright colors, mainly orange, to be safe. Hunting is really not a major worry, just a concern. You can get hunting information from the web, my website or stop in at the main office to ask what is going on.
Happy trails............ Check my webpage for more information at
Beehead Road - Main road into Tosohatchee
Blue Blazed Trail from Youth Camp
Enter Road under power lines
Exit powerline road - maybe water
Old road in woods
Designated parking area


    You can or this trail