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near North Bolton, New York (United States)

Tongue Mt Range is located in the Southern section of the Adirondack and it located on Lake George. The trails starts on Rte 9N. The hike starts off on the Cove Meadow trail (R). On this trail there are two intersection: one at .4 miles, and another at 2 miles. Stay on the trail until the Cover Meadow trail intersections with the Blue trail at 2 miles point. Then take a right on the blue trail. The Blue trail travel through out the range of the mountains till the tip of the island.
At the tip of the island, there will be an intersection. Take the trail that goes along the coast of the island back to Cover Meadow trail. This part of the island is pretty flat. Then take the Cover Meadow back to the parking lot.

TGMT000 -- Pkg Lot

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TGMT001 -- View Point

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TGMT002 -- View Point

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TGMT003 -- View Point

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